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Komine JK131 Reflect Mesh Jacket

Manufacturer: Komine
SKU: JK131
4,420,000 VND
A product of Komine- Japan.
Availability: Out of stock
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- A mesh jacket that uses reflective coating fabric on the shoulder that stands out most when riding, improving visibility at night from front, back, left and right. The cut pattern of the arm's textile use part has been revised to make it more mobile and stylish. Supports optional lining, and supports a wide range from sports driving to touring
- Make sure that your clothing is bright and visible to other vehicles drivers
- Designed to help reduce motorcycle accidents that may happen especially during the sunset by applying strategically reflector coating fabric on the shoulder areas
- Reflector in the position can be seen from any direction from other vehicle drivers
- Removable inner shoulders, elbows, chest protectors with EVA back padding come standard

- Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XLB
- Colors: Black, Light Grey, Black, Camo, Black
- Materials: Polyester
- Protectors: shoulder, elbow, back, chest (neck, side: option)

- Textile × Mesh combination jacket-Reflector coating fabric that enhances visibility at night (shoulder)
- Equipped with a three-dimensional pattern that makes it easy to take the ride
- 3D media on the back lining

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