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Motorbike 4T 15W-50 Street

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280,000 VND
High performance synthetic technology engine oil made in Germany
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High-performance motor oil based on synthetic technology. Ensures maximum performance and protection of the engine under all operating conditions. Optimum lubrication, outstanding engine cleanliness, excellent friction and minimum wear are just as much taken for granted as gentle clutch engagement and disengagement and gear shifting. Tested on engines with catalytic converters.

- high wear resistance
- optimum stability to aging
- especially suitable for wet clutches
- optimum lubrication under all operating conditions
- outstanding engine cleanliness
- excellent shear stability
- tested for catalytic converters
- guarantees low oil consumption

Specifications and approvals:

Technical data
+SAE class (engine oils): 15W-50 - SAE J 300
+Density at 15 °C: 0,870 g/cm³ - DIN 51757
+Viscosity at 40 °C: 132,8 mm²/s - ASTM D 7042-04
+Viscosity at 100 °C: 18,5 mm²/s - ASTM D 7042-04
+Viscosity at -25°C (MRV): < 60000 mPas - ASTM D4684
+Viscosity at -20°C (CCS): <= 7000 mPas - ASTM D5293
+Viscosity index: 157 - DIN ISO 2909
+HTHS at 150°C: >= 3,7 mPas - ASTM D5481
+Pour point: -33 °C - DIN ISO 3016
+Evaporation loss (Noack): 10,6 % - CEC-L-40-A-93
+Flash point: 230 °C - DIN ISO 2592
+Total base number: 6,5 mg KOH/g - DIN ISO 3771
+Sulfate ash: 0,8 g/100g - DIN 51575

Areas of application
Developed for air and water-cooled 4-stroke engines exposed to normal to extreme operating conditions. Suitable for sporting applications. For engines with or without a wet clutch.


The operating instructions of the engine manufacturers must be followed.

Note: Optimum effectiveness only when the product is used on its own (i.e. no mixing).

Products specifications
Oil TypeSynthetic technologies
Oil grade15W-50
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