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Liqui Moly Exhaust Assembly Paste

Manufacturer: Liqui Moly
SKU: 3342
238,000 VND
Liqui Moly Exhaust Assembly Paste made in Germany
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Exhaust Assembly Paste has been developed for quick, simple, gas-tight assembly of pipe and flange connections on exhaust systems. Exhaust Assembly Paste does not contain asbestos, does not pollute the environment, is permanently heat resistant and allows dismantling without destruction.

Technical data
- does not contain asbestos
- simple to use
- high gas tightness
- simple to use without disassembly
- outstanding thermal resistance

Technical data
Base: sodium waterglass
Form: pastelike
Density: ~ 1,71 g/cm³
Thermal stability: ~ 700 °C
Shelf life: 2 years in its original container, well sealed, in a cool area free of frost
Color: grey
Odor:  odourless

Areas of application
For gas-tight installation of exhaust systems, tailpipe trim, screw and plug connections and flame rings.

The exhaust components to be connected must be free of rust, grease and dust. Apply the paste generously and push the parts together. If necessary, make the paste more pliable using water. The paste is hardened by the heat from the exhaust.

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