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Liqui Moly Screw-Retainer High Strength

Manufacturer: Liqui Moly
SKU: 3804
380,000 VND
Liqui Moly Screw-Retainer High Strength is made in Germany
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Reliable thread locking. Can be used on oiled surfaces and galvanized screws

- resistant to stresses and vibrations
- can be used on oily surfaces
- rapid curing
- prevents leaks
- broad operating temperature range
- controlled torque/stress ratio

Technical data
Form: liquid
Thread sizes: up to M20
Breakaway torque: 36 Nm - DIN EN 15865
Prevailing torque: 43 Nm - DIN EN 15865
Chemical resistance: relatively well against oils, gasoline, antifreeze, water and brake fluid
Initial strength: 2-10 min (active); 10-60 min (passive)
Functional strength: 2-4 h
Final strength: 8 h
Operating temperature range: -60 to 150 °C
Thread friction value: 0,17
Compressed shear strength: 25 N/mm² - DIN EN 15337
Base: dimethacrylate ester
Density: 1,1 g/cm³ - DIN EN 542
Color: green
Odor: characteristic
Viscosity at 23 °C: 500 mPas
Shelf life in original sealed container: 24 months

Areas of application
For all common nuts and screw sizes of all grades.

Apply uniformly to bolts and nuts. Cures in the absence of air (anaerobic).
One must differentiate between active and passive materials during the curing time.
Active materials generally refer to metals with a high iron or copper content (e.g. iron, steel, copper, brass, bronze). Active materials ensure rapid curing.
Passive materials such as high-alloy (stainless) steel, zinc, aluminum or plastics only cure very slowly or only with the help of an activator.

Due to the anaerobic properties, you must always ensure that there is enough air in the bottle. Otherwise the adhesive can harden prematurely. The bottle should therefore only be filled up to about 1/3.
However, the quantity always corresponds to the content indicated on the container.

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