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Liqui Moly Stoneguard, black

Manufacturers: Liqui Moly , Liqui Moly
SKU: 6110
329,000 VND
Liqui Moly Stoneguard, black is made in Germany
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Stoneguard black is a solvent-based, viscous coating compound based on synthetic resins for spraying and has outstanding hiding power. Special features of the material are that it is quick drying and can be painted over. After it is completely dry, the coating is resistant to abrasion, protects against corrosion and has excellent stoneguard and anti-drumming properties. The dried film adheres well to unpainted and painted sheet steel as well as plastics which have been coated with primer or filler. This product can be painted overusing commercially available paint systems and when completely dry is good for grinding and is resistant to solvents.

- can be painted over wet-in-wet
- PVC compatible
- resistant to solvents (when fully dry)
- good covering power
- extremely high UV resistance
- after drying, very easy to grind
- high abrasion resistance

Technical data
Through-drying: 72 h
Boiling point: 137 °C
Thermal stability, shortterm (up to 1 hour): -25 to 120 °C
Rigidity: good
Processing temperature: 15 - 25 °C
Base: resins
Color: black
Solids content: 56 %
Risk of frost damage: no
Recommended storage temperature: +10 - +30 °C
Density at 20 °C: 1,2 g/cm³ - DIN 51757
Shelf life: 24 months
Viscosity at 20 °C: 2200 mPas
Flash point: 24 °C
Wet coating thickness: 1 mm Odor characteristic
Form: liquid
pH value: 7,5 (20°C)
Shelf life in original sealed container: 30 months

Areas of application
Stoneguard black is used on visible parts of the vehicle such as the sills, spoiler, rear and front facing panels and for chassis and bodywork components and plastic repairs as a protection against stone impact and corrosion from de-icing salt and moisture. Stoneguard black is not suitable for coating elastic materials.

Surfaces which are to be treated with stoneguard must be thoroughly cleaned beforehand. Rust must be removed. The surfaces must be dry and free of wax, dirt and grease and largely free of dust. The adhesion of Stoneguard black is improved if the surface to be treated is roughened first. Stoneguard black can be applied using the UBS Spray Gun, Partno. 6219 or the Compressed Air Can Gun, Part no. 6220 with an operating pressure of 2-8 bar depending on the spray pattern desired.
Shake contents of can vigorously before use.
Do not leave containers open as a skin will form on the surface of the material.
Shake well before use.
Thick coats should not be applied in a single application. 4 separate spray applications are the norm. If Stoneguard black is subsequently painted over, the coating will become increasingly hard, i.e. the surface treated with Stoneguard should be treated appropriately with adhesive primer for plastic in the same way as a plastic surface would be.
Stoneguard black contains solvents which etch substrates such as zinc spray or zinc-rich paint. For this reason, substrates should be pretreated with a suitable primer before applying Stoneguard.

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