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Liqui Moly Universal Polish

Manufacturers: Liqui Moly , Liqui Moly
SKU: 1679
250,000 VND
Liqui Moly Universal Polish made in Germany
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The universal Polish permits to clean, polish, protect and service all customary car paints. High quality herbal and synthetic ingredients protect the paint in a long-lasting way against weather influences and the stress by frequent vehicle washes. Paints which are slightly weathered and scratched paints can restore their original aspect. Has a rain-repellent and a dirtrepellent effect over a longer period of time and thus increases the weather resistance. The universal Polish can be processed manually as well as by machines.

- extremely easy to use
- protects against aggressive environmental influences
- smoothes the paint surface
- radiant high gloss
- excellent long-term protection

Technical data
Base: botanical and synthetic waxes
Form: viscous
Color green
Odor: characteristic
Flash point: > 61 °C
pH value: 8,0
Density: 0,953 g/cm³
Shelf life in original sealed container 30 months

Areas of application
Polish developed for all customary car paints with slide or medium signs of use. Car paints which are slightly weathered and scratched paints can restore their original aspect.
Do not use on matt paint!

The surfaces to be treated must be cleaned thoroughly first. Shake well the high-gloss polish, then pour onto a soft rag, a polishing cloth or a sponge and apply thinly and evenly using light pressure and circular movements. Only treat one section at a time. Afterwards, polish residues can be taken off easily with a soft and clean cloth (preferably microfibre cloth). Donot use at direct heating effect or on hot paint surfaces. A regular application contributes substantially to an optimal paint care.

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