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There are 2 ways for you to order:

Option 1: Create an account with full information ---> Select a product from the website ---> Go to cart ---> Proceed to order

    Step 1: At the billing address step: take the default address when creating an account or enter a new address ---> Continue
    B2: At the payment method step: the system automatically switches to step 3
    B3: Payment information: transfer to your account number or contact customer service phone number for further answers ---> Continue
    B4: Confirm order: you check the address and ---> Confirm

Movetek will contact you again to confirm your order and / or notice of payment completion and / or notice of shipment.

Option 2: You select the product, copy and send the product link to Movetek via Facebook message:

Note: Movetek encourages customers to order in the first way to earn points and receive more deals in the future.