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Shipping and Returns

Dear customers, does not use COD ship service (delivery first, pay later). We always strive and commit to providing the right products as described on the web or as notified to customers.

  • If you choose to order goods on the web, make a transfer payment or complete an order, Movetek will contact you later. After the payment is completed, the products are checked and packed carefully before sending to customers.
  • Orders of over 1,000,000VND Customers are free of charge for regular shipping in the country. Unless urgent, express or special products are required, we will inform customers in detail.
  • If you receive the goods and find the wrong code, or the wrong type of vehicle required, please report back to the phone number 02363.750577 or 0917.170.545 for Movetek to verify the authenticity and return. We will pay for the fees returned due to Movetek's fault. If the replacement product is out of stock, we will refund the money if the item you sent back intact, unused, scratched label.

For more information, please contact:

Bison Company Limited
Business license number: 0401546653
Address: No 68 Dang Nhu Mai, Hoa An, Cam Le, Da Nang, Viet Nam
Phone: 02363.750577 - 0917.170.545
Website: Fanpage: